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Disposable Purple Face Mask 3ply

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Product Details

Disposable 3 Layer Non-Medical Face Mask

  • Non-woven fabric x 2
  • Melt blown fabric
Color : Purple

Quantity: 50pcs/box
Material : Polypropylene non-woven fabric

Product Description:

  1. The three in one central non-woven fabric is made of inorganic antibacterial materials, which can play the role of antibacterial and deodorizing;
  2. Soft, comfortable and non irritating
  3. High quality polypropylene non-woven fabric, three-layer thickening protection design
  4. Made of low sensitive materials


  • Multi-structures
  • Triple folded shape
  • Close nose melt chip
  • Harmful material protection

Note : This is categorised as "Non Medical" Face Mask.

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